Prepare Now for the Common Core State Standards
Prepare Now for the STAAR

Online assessments, lessons, and games designed to help educators measure and improve student understanding of the concepts covered by the Common Core State Standards or the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills.

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Quick Start Assessments

Discover each student's understanding of the concepts specified in the Common Core State Standards or the TEKS. 100% aligned to the reading, writing, and mathematics standards is provided.

Third through eighth grades
Reading, Writing, and Math
1000's of Aligned Questions
Every Score is Tracked
Tutorial Lessons

Prescriptive Tutorial Lessons enable you to provide individualized learning opportunities based
on the needs of each student.

Lessons are prescribed based on each
student's Quick Start Assessment scores.
Lessons include printable worksheets
for offline learning.
Math lessons contain quality
instructional videos from Khan Academy.
Every end of lesson quiz is graded and
recorded in the student gradebook.
Smarter Games

These aren't just games, they are Smarter Games. Yes they are fun and challenging, but your students must answer correlated questions as they progress through the game.

25 games with hundreds of variations
1000's of correlated questions at grade level
Each answer for each question is recorded
in the student gradebook
Accessible from home
Test-Taking Tools

Students shouldn't dread taking tests and assessments. Online lessons help your students prepare to do their best. Every time.

Students will learn how to:
Worry less about tests
Do their best with all types of questions
Use common sense
Develop a test-taking strategy

Classroom Management

All teacher and administrative functions are accessed through the Classroom Management Area.
This centrally organized area allows teachers to:

Group students by classroom
Assign assessments, lessons, and games
View the Common Core State Standards or
TEKS addressed in each learning object
View the gradebook by student, class,
grade level, or the entire school
Set Up and Implementation

Your school can be operational with Show What You Know Online within 72 hours of submitting your order. Setup is easy and we do it for you.

We will upload your student database and
create usernames and passwords.
We will conduct a teacher training webinar
Implementation and support are included in
the subscription fee

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